How to Build Websites

How to Build Websites

How to build websites
How to build websites.

Hello, and welcome to my first post. In this blog and on my actual website, I’m going to provide information about website designing in html, html5, css, where to find free tools, how to optimize your web pages for search engines, (which brings more traffic to your websites) marketing tricks and secrets, how you can go to YouTube for free tutorials, how to find affordable website hosting, how you can now start a business with very little overhead expense, how to research markets before building a website, (to eliminate as much guess work as possible) how to build websites and much more.

It’s good to know how to code in html and html5. Many people beginning website design believe that you have to be an expert to build websites. The truth is that you could begin building a website later on this afternoon with some of the free downloadable software programs on the internet. There are tutorials all over the Internet and tons of free video tutorials on YouTube. Some are better than others, so you may want to watch a few before getting started.

Knowing how to write the html, html5 java script, php, and CSS code is beneficial, however due to great advances in software technology, being a code expert is no longer a requirement. If you’re interested in having more control over your website’s design, functionality, SEO, and more, it’s a good idea to learn about what options can benefit you. After all, you may be competing with a million other websites. You’ll want to be seen, and you’ll want to learn about all of the things you can use to your advantage. (preferably without memorizing five or more difficult or time consuming code languages)

I wont lie, learning these codes can be challenging and time consuming. It may have its benefits, and I can’t discourage anyone from learning code. It’s just that modern software and programs can save a ton of time, and are becoming more professional all of the time. You’re no longer required to be a code expert to compete on the Internet. If you know a few basic principles, have a good strategy, and can find the right tools, you’re in business.

In my case I learned about the power of marketing, and several marketing secrets before I ever thought about building a website or learning about codes. I’m still no code expert, but because of my experience in marketing, reading books, ebooks, joining programs etc I became obsessed with pursuing this challenge. I didn’t have a blueprint or a road map, but I could definitely see the power and potential of putting specific strategies to use. And by the way, a blueprint or road map is now possible with a little research, hard work, and dedication. In fact from my experience, I’d urge people to do their research, find the right market, and go from there. When I found a good market or a potential niche, I was so much more determined to follow through. Once that light came on, there was no turning back.

Here’s a few of my thoughts on the importance of research. If I find a great deal on a particular product or service that’s great, but if there’s no market for it on the internet then I’m just wasting my time trying to sell something that people aren’t looking for. On the other hand, if I research (even if it takes a month) and I find a lucrative market that I know I can compete in, I’m destined for success. Even if it took me six months to find my niche it would be worth it to me because success is the ultimate goal.  In fact, it would be better to spend my time seeking a productive market than it would trying to sell thousands of great deals or items that no one was actually looking for.

I’ve done this in the past. I’ve spent all kinds of time building webpages, because I thought I had found the best deals on the internet. I thought my “deals” would sell themselves, and I wasted tons of valuable time learning things the hard way. I sold a few items, but in the end it wasn’t worth my time and effort. It was very disappointing. I’m not going to tell you that this can’t be done. There may be particular items or products that are more appealing than what I was offering. I’m just sharing my personal story and experience. I think it might change the way some people view their perceived market or business ideas.

Fast food chains have learned to compete by offering unique items, catchy phrases, and great customer service.  I’m sure that going above and beyond your customers expectations can also lead to more business and repeat customers. Many Internet marketers claim that up to 75% of their business comes from repeat customers!

How to Build Websites

I realize many of you are most likely new to this subject and have never attempted coding before. If you have, bare with me. I’m sure I’ll be adding things that many webmasters and even professionals will find useful. That’s why you’ll want to keep coming back to my blog. (no matter what your experience level) If you’re completely new, I recommend checking out some of the free software tools that are available. You can also search YouTube for some very detailed tutorials on how to build websites. I know for a fact that many people are charging good money for the same information I’m sharing here. I know this because I’ve purchased thousands of their products. (mostly ebooks) You may want to bookmark this page!

I’m going to provide a list of website designing tools, (free downloads) below. If you’re not sure which is right for you, I would urge you to go watch some videos and tutorials on YouTube and decide which software you’re most comfortable with. When I first started learning html coding, website design secrets, seo, etc, I was very fortunate to stumble upon some very detailed beginners website design tutorials. I downloaded the “NVU” website design software completely for free. Yes, it and many others are still available for free by download.

Quick Tip-You may want to go watch a few YouTube video tutorials before you decide which web editor you want to download. A very popular one is Notepad++, but many people decide to just build a WordPress website because of it’s functionality. They also choose WordPress because they don’t need to know as much about coding.  The choice is yours, and different editors provide different options and benefits.

Here are a few popular html website design programs that are free to download and try. (I highly recommend watching some YouTube video tutorials, as well as finding relevant information about these free software tools) so that you can determine which is right for you before downloading.

NVU Web Editor

Google Web Designer


Here’s a good source for free tools

Note: There are many more editors and free tools. There are far too many for me to list here. That’s ok! It gives me plenty of topics to blog about. My best advice is to research, look for reviews on these tools, and also watch some YouTube tutorials. This should give you a good idea of what will work best for you based on your knowledge, understanding, and how comfortable you are with a specific program.

In the future I’ll be covering some actual code and many of my personal website designing and how to build websites secrets. I have a long way to go and literally hundreds (possibly thousands) of topics to cover regarding new designing strategies, finding a great market (one that’s already lucrative) traffic generating strategies, code tricks, editing tricks, software tools, blogging, plugins, hosting, domain names, seo, understanding search engines, Ad copy, responsive design, building your business, and more!

I look forward to covering all of this and more in future blog posts. In the future, I’ll cover more free tips, tricks, tools, strategies, and more! I plan on giving you all kinds of valuable information that you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else. In the meantime I highly recommend the basic html, and website design video tutorials. You can view them by clicking the link below. If you’re not thrilled about learning html, html5, or CSS, I’ve also provided a video that I found on YouTube about building a WordPress website. The video takes you step by step through the entire process.

The main difference between a web editor program like notepad++ or NVU and WordPress is that WordPress has a lot of options that I would describe as “more beginner friendly”. However, that’s just my personal opinion, and many would argue that learning to code offers more control and flexibility. They may be right, but if you go this route I’d expect to spend quite a bit more time learning (at first) than actually building your website.

WordPress has become quite popular because of its functionality, ease of use, speed with which you can build your website, plugin popularity, and more. In fact I’ve read that somewhere around 25% of Websites are now WordPress websites!

If you’re ready to get started simply click the link below. Thanks for visiting!

Click here for basic html and website design tutorials.