Marketing Secret Report!

Marketing Secret Report!

Use the free tools available on the internet to your advantage.
How to use the free tools that are all over the internet to your advantage.

In this Marketing Secret Report, I want to cover some tricks and rumors that I’ve heard of over the years. When I first began building websites things were much different than they are today. For example, a web designer could build an optimized basic html page that ranked on the first page of Google and Yahoo without a lot of effort. The rules were pretty simple and straight forward. Things have changed.

Now your website should be “responsive” or show up nicely on almost any device. The goal of this Marketing Secret Report is to look at some things that used to work, (but no longer do) and determine if there are any things we can do today that may still work or provide us with an advantage?

Marketing Secret Report

Internet Money 2017-2018
Internet Money 2017-2018 Edition!

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. Back in the old days you could use your keywords or keyword phrases between seven to ten times (on page) and almost certainly expect to be ranked well for those words or terms. The tricky Marketer learned that he could load his page with thousands of keywords!

The way he accomplished keyword loading was by creating “huge” keyword and keyword phrase lists. He would then set the text in his editor to the smallest size possible, and use  white text keywords on a white background. (Because nobody could see his keywords, and search engines weren’t designed to spot this trick, I’m sure this tactic worked great for a while!)

Unfortunately, now the Search Engines are looking for these tricks and actually punish people for their efforts. I suppose they see it as cheating? You just can’t do it anymore! Some of the old tricks will hurt you more than they help you these days.

The question is, “How smart have search engines become?” Are there still any tricks or hacks that actually work? I’ve used my imagination and I’ve often contemplated the best way to outsmart the search engines. It would be a real shame if I couldn’t still find ways to trick them. They’re probably much more advanced than me by now!

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In this marketing secret report, I’d like to also examine some things that may be considered bad or nefarious, and yet I’ve never heard of anyone suffering any punishment from practicing them.

Some examples of these things would be, possibly making someone feel like they have a serious problem and they need your service or product. Using subliminal messages, or making an issue such as weight, skin problems, disease, and several other very personal matters seem like a dark and gloomy condition that is plaguing the “victim” and only you or your product are qualified to fix the “severe issue” they’re having.

Maybe I have a conscience, because I’m just not into capitalizing off of other people’s weaknesses, or exaggerated and perceived problems. Don’t get me wrong, I love to help people, but I have to be very confident in what I’m offering them. I don’t make “great claims”. I don’t want to lead anyone on. I don’t see them as a quick dollar. I see them as people.

Marketing Secret Report

Internet Money 2017-2018
Building a great business from scratch for beginners.

So where do you draw the line? I’ve heard of affiliates stealing other affiliates links, and several other horror stories. Is it only possible for “web guru’s”, programmers, or people who can afford to buy really expensive software and programs to make money on the Internet? I hope it’s not just “the lowest common denominator” or “used car salesman type”that’s making great money on the Internet?

I’ve heard another rumor of a guy who created multiple email accounts. He did this so that he could post on Ad Websites without being accused of spam or flagged. He was particularly fond of Craigslist. (I can’t seem to keep my legitimate ads up on Craigslist, without being flagged.)

I’ve heard others have developed “web crawlers” or “spiders” that search the web for them, and bring back specific products or deals. This would obviously give them a major advantage over the competition, because the results come straight to them, and before anyone else has even seen them. That’s pretty powerful! I wish I had tools like that. Maybe I should learn how to make them?

n the Marketing Secret Report, we should also consider “ad blaster” type tools. These are tools that are supposedly designed to blast your ads out to literally hundreds or thousands of websites at a time. I’ve actually tried a couple of them, but they didn’t do me a whole lot of good. Maybe there’s a “glitch” in their software or something that happens between your image sizes, ad length, and more when going from one website to another? Then again, maybe the internet is just plain loaded with billions of ads? Perhaps the most functional and best software hasn’t been created yet?

I’m still working on figuring out what we can do to improve our productivity. Hopefully we can figure things out before the robots take over?

Thank you so much for viewing our Marketing Secret Report!

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