Anti-aging secrets revealed.
Unlocking the secrets of ageing. Telomerase and astragalus.


Unlocking the mysteries of ageing.

People have been searching for the best health and ageing secrets for thousands of years, but has science finally unlocked vital clues? As the quest for the proverbial “fountain of youth” continues, new studies and advancements have led to an exciting and promising new age of medical discoveries.


I’ve heard of telomerase referred to as the hard part of your shoelace. In fact they are like the end caps of a chromosome. Their role in health and ageing was little known until recently. The supplementtelomerase enzyme” is selling on the internet for anywhere between $20 and $600+ dollars. Some people will pay a fortune to stay young!

As a Nootropic fanatic, I find myself studying and doing a ton of research on health and medical news. If you don’t have $600 dollars to spend on a bottle of miracle pills, you’re not alone! You can naturally keep your telomeres healthy by reducing stress levels, drinking plenty of water, supplementing or eating a diet high in Omega 3’s, eating plenty of nuts and seeds, taking vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and more. You see, over time your telomeres gradually wear down and become frayed.

I’ve found a supplement Astragalus that doesn’t cost a fortune.

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The many reported benefits of astragalus are, improved heart health, improved immunity, the alleviation of allergies, fighting certain types of Cancer, and improving longevity! These are all wonderful claims, but if we really want to know how astragalus works, and how vital telomeres are perhaps we should view some real life cases? After all, there are millions of claims all over the internet.

NAD+ Reverse ageing in mice!

NAD+ is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. Foods that contain or can increase NAD+ include, milk, green vegetables, chicken, yeast, the crimini mushroom, peas, asparagus, broccoli, and more. Increasing NAD+ levels may be beneficial to your health!

The Ted X talk on Telomeres.

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