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Medical Insights       02/26/2018

I love to research health related articles and new discoveries. These days it seems that there are new advancements and medical information coming out faster than most of us can keep up! One of my favorite areas of study is in the “microbiota or microbiome”. This is also known as a “second brain”.

We have as much as ten times as many bacterial cells in our body as human cells. One might draw the conclusion, that these little “bugs” are playing an enormous role in our health? In fact, when it comes to our physiology they may be responsible for much more than we are currently aware of at a cellular or unseen level? Who knows what processes they are responsible for?

It is well known that you can alter your own “bacterial ecosystem” with probiotics, prebiotics, antibiotics, diet, stress, and other factors. On a graph of certain bacteria (separated into different colors) you might actually see a difference in microbial balance (good bacteria vs bad) in sick and healthy individuals. This may indicate that some people are missing specific bacteria, or even experiencing disease type symptoms based on their particular diet, stress level, habits, medications, supplements, or microbial condition? It could simply mean that the healthy balance is lost?

Studies in mice have provided great insight into how some of the particular “bacterial ecosystems” effect mice health, from activities to their weight! It seems they’ve made fat mice skinny and more active by simply altering their gut bacteria! If you have never heard of the “Microbiome”, there are some great videos on YouTube and articles all over the internet. It’s a quite fascinating subject.

Click here to view YouTube Microbiome and fecal transplant videos!

The Microbiome-Your second brain.

Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water, make assumptions, or jump to conclusions! Over the last several years, I’ve heard numerous accounts of vaccination issues, and drugs such as SSRI’s or antidepressants have developed a certain stigma and bad name. (Among certain groups or individuals.)

I even believe that there’s a war on antibiotics due to some of the findings regarding “healthy bacteria”. Many antibiotics kill good bacteria as well as bad. They now realize that we need healthy bacteria. On the other hand, antibiotics have probably saved millions of lives. I believe we should look at the body as a whole when it comes to solutions, and determine our best course of action. As is usual, this will typically include drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of exercise, and maintaining a healthy diet.

Around fifteen years ago, I was working 12-16 hours a day on a regular basis. I was drinking too much beer, whiskey, and taking blood thinners or supplements to help me make it through the day. My diet was horrible! I also smoked cigarettes. I should have never been surprised when I fell ill. My first inclination was to consider that some “bug” was causing me grief. I developed skin and digestive issues. I became very paranoid, and even considered that I may have Cancer or HIV. I studied and researched constantly looking for an answer.

When the Doctor asked me if I took any drugs, medications, or supplements, I always said no. I thought that the Ginkgo, Ginseng, and other supplements that I was taking were “all natural” so they didn’t count.

I studied several diseases that seemed bizarre. For example, vasculitis seemed to restrict the blood flow in the body. At this point in time I was drinking coffee and energy drinks, taking supplements, and had a terrible diet. It seemed to me that my diet consisted of blood thinners, sugar, alcohol, animal fat, and processed foods. No wonder I was sick and my skin and digestive problems were getting worse!

Instead of looking for a possible cause, I began looking at particular diseases and symptoms. I was convinced that I had irritable bowel disease, crohn’s, or some other disease. I studied for years. I just knew my skin problems were psoriasis. I knew they were caused from stress. Eventually I took all of my symptoms together and determined that I must have Cancer or HIV. The truth is, I didn’t know anything. I was contributing to my own illness by stressing myself out. I’m glad I did the research anyway. I learned a lot of valuable information.

I’ve heard that people who eat a lot of sugar, drink too much soda, or have poor diets, have actually developed sugar crystals inside of their arteries or veins? This obviously can’t be good for circulation or health. It seems that many people (including myself) never want to hear that we’ll need to change our diets or lifestyle to experience optimal health. It’s a hard truth. Moderation and common sense are our best ally.

I always think of the body as a whole. I’ve seen people experience a traumatic experience, lots of stress, anxiety, and more, and basically shut down. In fact, I believe that stress and anxiety alone can paralyze some of the most resilient and healthy people. By taking care of our “guts” and emotional state, we are taking care of ourselves. We can share our healthy habits with our family and friends.

Over the last few decades there’s been a major increase in autoimmune diseases, digestive diseases, and more. I believe that many of these can be directly attributed to our diet, but others may be caused by environmental factors?

If you love learning new information about health and wellness, I recommend watching a few videos about the Microbiome on YouTube. I’ve also been studying on the internet and have read several books. One of my favorite places to research is Yahoo Health. I’ve provided a link below.

Power foods for the brain.

Eat for real change. You are what you eat.

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