Bear Attacks

Bear attacks!

When Bears attack.
When animals attack.

Bear attacks and crazy encounters!

Animal attacks are usually very rare. Bear attacks are no exception, but they do happen. From horror stories of campers being stalked at their tents, to the story of Timothy Treadwell who video taped Grizzlies in Katmai National Park in Alaska, (until his last fatal encounter) occasionally things do take a turn for the worse! Below I’ve provided some videos of close encounters and scary situations all captured on tape!

Warning-This Bear attack footage is graphic content and might not be appropriate for all ages.

Stalked by hungry bears.
Wild animals can be dangerous. How hungry is this Bear?

Bear Attacks

Bear Attacks-Bear chases dog, doesn’t catch him!

Surviving a double Grizzly Attack – Tod Orr 17:44

Random animal and crazy hunting experiences.

Bears are excellent climbers and fast runners!

Bear attacks deer in families backyard! Scary!

Attacks caught on tape.
Crazy animal attacks on humans and animals.

Man is mauled at the zoo.

Bear attacks-Tourist attacked, survives!

Survival tactics.

Timothy Treadwell-“Grizzly man”.


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