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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Secrets
Social Media Marketing Secrets

There are so many secrets when it comes to social media marketing, that it’s hard to know where to begin. This page might not be the most well written or articulate post that you’ve ever read, but I’m going to try to get right down to the social media marketing nuts and bolts. I’m going to attempt to leave a lot of the fluff out.

One of the first things I like to explain to people is that you can and should learn how to use the tools that are available to you correctly. Many people don’t understand that “google” is an analytical tool, that can be utilized to obtain all sorts of valuable marketing information. You can also use tools such as hootsuite and software programs to eliminate some guess work and get an idea of what’s happening. Sourceforge.net is another great place to search for new and free tools.

When it comes to hootsuite, I think it’s a great tool, but I can also see a market for a software program that you could purchase once that would allow you to post your ads automatically. This software may already exist, and the benefits are that you’re not paying a monthly membership fee to use a system. This software would ideally automate posting processes, and keep things organized and simple. Building your own software is another option.

Social Media Marketing-Google

When you sign up for a Facebook or Twitter account, you’re allowed to follow, like, join groups, build a profile page and more. What many people don’t understand about networking is that your connections matter. If you can think about Google like a spider or a robot, you’ll see that the robot likes to crawl over content, links, images, etc. The robot will judge your network according to how many links it finds, how many followers you have, how many people you’re following, how much content you provide, and how big the people you’re connected to are.

You might not think that you need social media. The fact is, many people spend a majority of their time on websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Marketing Secrets
Social Media Marketing Secrets

Remember how I told you that google is a tool? You see, if you just built your twitter page today you’re allowed to follow 5000 people. You can choose to follow people who have millions of followers, such as corporations, celebrities, businesses, franchises, sports teams, or you can follow people who have a few followers. The more followers the people you follow have, the stronger your network is going to be. That’s why I think of Google as a robot and a tool.

When I want to find out who I should follow to build a strong network, I can use Google by searching for terms such as “who are the most famous celebrities on twitter?”, “what are the biggest corporations on twitter?”, etc. When this list comes up, those are the people I’ll follow.

The truth is, this works. I have evidence. I should probably be charging money for this information! Currently about half of the visitors to my website come directly from my twitter page! In the future I hope to get more search engine traffic, but I’m very pleased with my twitter results.

Although the platform on Facebook is different, you can still like and follow a certain number of people on a daily basis. Traffic and exposure are what matters. You see, there are people who are trying to hustle by building one web page or selling one item or digital product. Some just don’t get any traffic. There are others who are trying to build a business. If you’re getting millions of visitors every month and you sell a high converting item or product, you don’t need to spam and hustle people.

The best free marketing secrets
The best free secrets on the internet.


I’ve learned how to use the free tools I have at my disposal. I’ve learned how to research and find out what’s working now!

  • Some people claim that by using hashtags or (#) they have better results on twitter. It’s important to note that others have claimed that they’ve been punished for using them too often. #TwitterHashTags
  • Sometimes valuable information is right in front of your face. For example twitter has a list of things that are currently trending. Occasionally, I’ll go post on one of these trending topics. Whenever I do, I try to leave an image with my tweet (that’s related to the topic) because it’s been proven that images get up to 18% or more attention.
  • When I build a website I can go to a particular market and study other websites that are similar to the one I want to build. This tells me if there’s a market, how much competition there is, what kind of keywords they’re using and more. If I right click on a webpage and scroll down to the “view source” option it shows me the html code used to build the website. This can be full of valuable information. I don’t want to copy my competition. I just want to know what they’re doing and what’s working for them. I also use spyfu.com to get an analysis of the competitions website.

If I wanted to sell on Ebay, I can find out what is selling by how many bids an item has, how many similar items a seller has sold, how many total items a seller has sold, etc. I can even alter the search results with ebays tools by limiting my search to bring back results that are unique. They have a great platform in which they give you options about what kind of results you want. I know that someone who’s sold thousands of items has made some money, and I know that someone who’s sold a few isn’t making a living or getting rich on ebay. Now I can go look at what their most popular items are, and find out if I can find any of them to sell myself.

This isn’t easy. It takes time. From my perspective and experience I would definitely recommend doing your research. Find out what’s already working for others. Learn to look for and utilize some of the tools that are usually right in front of you. Learn to capitalize off of what’s working and use these things to your advantage.

I’ll be writing several new helpful posts in the near future, so please do come back and check in.

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How to build websites.

How to build websites.

How to build websites
How to build websites.

Hello, and welcome our website. In this blog and on my actual Website I’m going to provide information about website designing in html, html5, css, where to find free tools, how to optimize your web pages for search engines, (Which brings more traffic to your pages and websites) marketing tricks and secrets, how you can go to YouTube for free tutorials, how to find affordable website hosting, how you can start a Business with very little overhead expense, how to research markets before building a Website, (To eliminate as much guess work as possible!) how to build websites and much more.

It’s good to know how to code in html and html5. In Website design many people believe that you have to be an expert to design websites. The truth is that you could begin building a website later on this afternoon with some of the free downloadable software programs and editors on the internet.

Knowing how to write the code is beneficial, however due to great advances in software technology, being a code expert is no longer a requirement. If you’re interested in having more control over your website’s design, functionality, SEO, and more, it’s a good idea to learn about what options can benefit you. After all, you may be competing with a million other websites. You’ll want to be seen, and you’ll want to learn about all of the things you can use to your advantage.

How to build websites.

I realize you’re most likely new and have never attempted coding before. If you have bare with me. I’m sure I’ll be adding things that even many webmasters and professionals will find useful. That’s why you’ll want to keep coming back to my blog. If you’re completely new, I recommend checking out some of the free software tools that are available. You can also search YouTube for some very detailed tutorials on how to build websites.

I’m going to provide a list of website designing tools, (free downloads) below. If you’re not sure which is right for you, I would urge you to go watch some videos and tutorials on YouTube, and decide which software or tools you’re most comfortable with. When I first started learning html coding, website design secrets, seo, and more, I was very fortunate to stumble upon some very detailed beginners web designing tutorials. I downloaded the “NVUwebsite design software completely for free. Yes, it and many others are still available for free download.

Quick Tip-You may want to go watch a few YouTube video tutorials before you decide which web editor you want to download. A very popular one is Notepad++, but many people decide to just build a WordPress website because of it’s functionality. They also choose WordPress because they don’t need to know as much about coding.  The choice is yours, and different editors provide different options or benefits

Here are a few popular html website design tools that are free to download and try. I highly recommend watching some YouTube video tutorials, as well as finding relevant information about these free software tools so that you can determine which is right for you before downloading.

NVU Web Editor

Google Web Designer


Here’s a good source for free tools. sourceforge.net

Note: There are many more editors and free tools. There are far too many for me to list here. That’s great! It gives me plenty of new topics to blog about.

In the future I’ll be covering some actual code and many of my personal website designing and how to build websites secrets. I have a long way to go and literally hundreds (Possibly thousands?) of topics to cover regarding new designing strategies, finding a great market, traffic generation strategies, code tricks, editing tricks, software tools, blogging, plugins, hosting, domain names, seo, understanding search engines, Ad copy, responsive design, building your business, and more!

I look forward to covering all of this and more in future blog posts. Thanks for coming by, and please do come back! In the future, I’ll cover more free tips, tricks, tools, strategies, and more! I plan on giving you all kinds of valuable information that you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else. Here it will be free.

Click here for basic html and website design tutorials.