Christmas Crafts

Our Top 10 Christmas craft and decoration ideas for 2017! 


Christmas crafts and projects for decorating or fun.
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Our top 10 List of fun and creative Christmas Crafts!

These things look like a lot of fun. You can try different styles and colors of buttons or hats and even add some glitter, if you want to give them the fresh snow look! Be creative and do what you’d like!

The video above is the fish tank winter wonderland. I’ve seen others where they emptied out the water, filled the bottom of the tank with salt, (to look like snow) and added some fake trees and lights. They can be decorated however you’d like!

There are a lot of different wreath styles. Only you can decide what Christmas crafts are right for you.  I’m kind of fond of the one above.

Christmas Crafts– The Christmas Floral Tree

A Christmas floral tree is always a fun craft. I’ve seen people pour “Plaster of Paris” in a planter, put a stick or a branch in it (for the tree trunk) until the plaster is hard, and then put floral foam on the end of the stick, and finally insert Christmas colored flowers!


Christmas Crafts – 2017

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