Gun Control

Our take on the Gun Control debate.

Gun Control is people control.
This is why Gun Control is a bad idea.

The Gun Control debate has been dividing Americans lately more than at any other time in American history. Since the war for liberty began, there have always been factions of people within the U.S. who think that they know what’s best for everyone else. They’ve become the ministers of propaganda and and the experts of managing people. When someone disagrees with them, they are often treated like a conspiracy theorist, or a heartless maniac who wants innocent people to get hurt. We don’t want anyone to get hurt, and that’s why we believe Americans should hang on to their guns and second amendment.

When I see a headline that says something like “Poor white men cling to their guns and bibles, for power” or any of the other ridiculous and convenient statements that come out, (which by the way are generally coming from people who are prepared to legislate your entire life, but can’t balance the budget, or even tell you the truth half of the time!) I find it a little offensive.

I believe that there are millions of Americans who live in major cities that are rife with crime, but why should the law abiding citizens ever have to pay because of criminals? When you’re living in a country where people can’t tell the truth, would legislate things like “redistribution of wealth”, have created and legalized insider trading, privilege, and federal incompetence, things are guaranteed to “spiral out of control”. Gun control isn’t the answer.

Let’s just face the fact that if a “bad guy” is determined to hurt a lot of people, he has a lot of different ways he can do it. How can anyone, or who can predict it? We’ve had world wars, communism, the battle for liberty, (the escape from tyranny) and have witnessed Governments kill more human beings with their expertise in disinformation, propaganda, war profiteering, and blatant lies, than any one human could ever compete with. Some believe that many “mass shootings” are “false flag operations”, designed  and orchestrated specifically to disarm law abiding citizens.

How much easier is it to rob the citizens and walk them to the gas chambers if they have no way of defending themselves? How many times has this happened throughout history? At least once, but that’s just one example. Are you one of those people who trusts your Politicians and respects their high moral and ethical values? A quick history lesson will tell you that evil people would prefer that you can’t defend yourself against anything they want to throw at you! What might they try? How about I just use my vivid imagination and just guess excessive taxes, asset forfeiture, money laundering,  blackmail, fraud, irresponsible spending, and more? Let’s let them know how we feel about them trampling on our Constitution!

Your inherent and God given rights aren't up for negotiations!
Don’t legislate my “rights”.

Needless to say, those who are determined to steal your freedom and rights by force, don’t seem to understand the implications, or be at all concerned about the backlash! If people are so naive that they’re willing to gamble with national security and human rights, perhaps they have no business leading in the first place? Public servants and control don’t belong in the same sentence! A “public servant” doesn’t spend all of his time trying to find new ways to legally steal from you, or fool you into submission. Do you really believe it’s to keep you safe? I have a hard time trusting anything a Politician says, let alone trying to make sense of their official stories.

Not only are many Americans “out of touch” with this reality, (that governments have always had a monopoly on corruption and death) many have never stepped out into the woods. As an outdoor enthusiast, I can tell you that animal attacks are very rare, but always a possibility when you live in remote locations. You’ll probably never have to use your gun in the woods, but it always serves as a comforting “insurance policy” against bear attacks, cougars, or bad people. Some people have spent most of their lives in the woods with a gun in their hands. It’s their way of life. Shall we teach them how to fight off bears with their bare hands? Should we turn America into one big surveillance city?

What kind of “public servant” needs to mandate and dictate everything? I’m not a violent person, but I have met quite a few people who would rather go to war than give up what they view as God given or inherent “rights”. If history is any indicator, the public servants who participate in this sort of operation usually have something nefarious planned, and it’s usually very significant. Do you think they know what’s best for you? I’d say it’s probably a stretch to believe that they even care?

Liberty is not for everyone.
Too many laws and regulations destroy freedom.

Gun Control

This isn’t an issue to be docile or complacent about. We need to send a clear message that our Constitutional rights are not up for negotiation. In fact, we have these rights to defend ourselves against the people who would legislate and regulate us into poverty and submission. We should be encouraging them not  to consider laws that were never in their power to control in the first place. They should know that we disapprove of their addictive gambling and lying habits. The problem I see with this issue, is that too many people are prepared to go to war before they’ll ever hand over their weapons.  I’m not saying I agree or disagree.  I’m simply saying that I think the situation could turn explosive if things went too far. I think the Gun control enthusiasts are playing with dynamite.  The sad part is that they don’t seem to be concerned about the repercussions or the people these Orwellian laws will hurt.

Does your right to defend yourself supersede the lust for power, control, and money?

It may be a rare occurrence that we hear of a police shooting, but in several instances they look much more like assassinations than an attempt at justice. We’re taught to believe that the police are always right, even when they use excessive force or hunt people down like dogs!

After the first, second, or third shot is fired into the victim, it’s hard for me to see it as much more than a public execution. I know police officers need to protect themselves and stay safe, but shooting someone 5-10-15 times (after they’re down and don’t pose any threat) is not just overkill, it’s state sponsored murder.

They need to understand that when they bring up gun control, they’re giving people the impression that they want total state and federal domination. People understand that Governments want more revenue, control, and power.

We don’t want executions to become common practice because of the costume you wear, the metal badge on your shirt, or the billions of words you’ve written down on paper.  Nobody has time to keep up with all of the new legislation or laws at the law library. To even understand many of these ridiculous laws would require a ten year college degree. (At least!) Many if not most of the laws, seem to have only been designed to support the privileged ponzi scheme that the founders warned us about.

Who has the final say in America? Does the Constitution mean anything? Were all men really created equal? The current trends and evidence might lead some to believe otherwise!

There's already too much legislation and too many laws
There are too many laws already!

In the end there is no Gun control debate. There are people who are adamant about control, even if that control is detrimental to their own safety and security. They’re more concerned about their control, than they are about the possible repercussions of their actions. We should discourage them from trying to become our overlords, masters, nannies, and dictators, before things are beyond repair and dangerous. This isn’t me making threats of any kind. It’s more like reading into the obvious dangers and possibilities.  Common sense tells most of us that self defense cannot be infringed.

Have you ever heard of death by Government?

The Governments monopoly on violence and guns.

Isn’t it ironic that in the end it’s the people pushing for gun control who are so determined to play games like “Russian Roulette” in order to further their own interests? Below is just ONE video of MANY examples we could watch where things become a little dangerous. You’ll probably have no cell phone service out here, and I wouldn’t feel real safe with bear spray either.  So here’s what you do! You attempt to out run an animal that can do 30-40 mph and is probably really hungry. If you can’t cling to your guns and your Bible, you’ll have to put all of your faith in Government!  If they take your guns, your Bibles may be next. Good luck.

Please make your voices heard and let your Politicians know that our Constitutional rights aren’t up for debate!

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