Internet Money 2017-2018 Edition!

Internet Money 2017-2018 Edition! 12-04-17

Internet Money 2017-2018
Internet Money 2017-2018 .99 cents.
You’ve seen it all, but you haven’t seen the blueprint! Over the last 15+ years I’ve read hundreds, (if not thousands of marketing and business books and ebooks!) Many were average, some were terrible, and a few were great! I’ve been able to put my fifteen plus years of research and practice into one really great book that can transform the way you look at business, (especially doing business on the Internet) in literally ONE DAY!
You see I forgot all the fluff, and I left out the cheap talk! In this ebook we get right down to business, and cover the most vital things you need to know to be successful. I truly believe that if you study this ebook religiously for ONE WEEK, it will change the way you view marketing and doing business on the Internet! The best part is that this ebook is only about 15 pages in length, and straight to the point. It’s like a resourceful handbook! (some of the pages are longer than others, because I didn’t want to leave anything out.) You can buy it now and be reading it in 5 or 10 minutes for 0.99 cents!
This is how our brand sticks out.
Have you heard of the people spending thousands of dollars to attend a seminar? Have you ever bought a product that put you to sleep? Have you spent countless hours watching the “Guru’s” videos to find out how they do it? Have you ever felt like they were feeding you “bits and pieces” or stringing you along?  Did they tell you what specific hosting company they were using, what they were selling, or exactly how they became successful?
What if I told you that this new straight to the point, “precise blueprint” could save you tons of headaches, probably all kinds of time, (Time otherwise spent sifting through rubbish!) and was on sale for a ridiculously low price of .99 cents! For a limited time only!
Wait!  I know you’re skeptical, but I need to explain a few things. When you have a business at a physical location, your product and location mean everything! If your coffee shop is sitting right off the side of a busy freeway exit, you’re typically doing pretty good business!
The Internet is a bit different. You see, on the Internet there might be thousands or even millions of people trying to compete for that prime time real estate. You need to know how to “get in where you fit in” on the Internet! You need to know how to “spy on those who are already successful, research, and investigate your competitors. I cover it all in this 15 page ebook! Best of all, I provide screenshots of my own work and show you exactly how to get results! Can you put a value on a book that empowers you, and changes your whole outlook on online business?
I must be out of my mind, but yes you can! The ridiculous price of this ebook (download) that could literally change your life, and your business perspective is only 0.99 cents!

I know what you’re thinking! What’s the catch? How can you give away all of your secrets? You see the truth is I’m an entrepreneur. I can start writing another ebook tomorrow. I can build a new website, improve on my current websites, and I have almost unlimited options. It doesn’t hurt me at all to give you a big “piece of the pie” because I am in complete control over what I decide to do next. It’s not ideas I’m lacking in, it’s time! That’s the kind of freedom and power I want you to have!
I don’t believe that you can judge a book by it’s cover, and in this case, I don’t believe you can judge it by its size. It’s straight forward, easy to understand, and gets right into the details.
Other webmasters, guru’s, and business professionals have created some really great material. I’ve been pretty excited after listening to a few of them. They may write a book about how to sell on Ebay, how to optimize a website with SEO tactics, social media marketing, or they may be good coaches or motivational speakers? Unfortunately, nobody has ever held my hand and offered to walk me through their (entire) process of creating wealth. It just doesn’t work that way. That’s why in this ebook I tried to be specific, detailed, and “cover all of the bases!”
One of my many actual screen shots
Internet Money 2017-2018-One of the ebooks many different screen shots, that take you step by step through this marketing blueprint!
Here’s a list of what’s covered in just a few short pages!
  • Spying on your competition.
  • Branding your business and making a name for yourself.
  • Market research and how to investigate before jumping in.
  • SEOSearch engine optimization.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Building a Network.
  • Using free tools on Ebay and Craigslist.
  • Where to find free tools that keep your operating costs low!
  • How I run my business for less than $20 dollars a month.
  • Website Security 
  • Why I choose the hosting company I use and WordPress to build my websites.
  • Niche Marketing-How to determine which markets are the most lucrative.
  • Ad CopyWriting successful Ads and sales pages.
  • Traffic tips, tricks, and ideas.
  • The Bonus Package! Here I talk about time saving tricks and techniques that can make you more productive.
I’m not going to lie, doing business on the Internet isn’t a “walk in the park.” It takes dedication and hard work. The competition can be fierce! That’s why it’s so important to cover all of your bases and do things right. There are probably millions of websites on the internet who aren’t making any money at all!
It’s not their fault! They either didn’t understand market research, or didn’t know a thing about SEO. They may not have studied to find out if their particular business was loaded with competition, or basically a pointless endeavor? Maybe they assumed that you had to be a code expert to work on your own business website? Who knows, maybe they were hoping for a miracle? The bottom line is that some things are proven to work, and others are hype.
Internet Money 2017-2018 was specifically designed to empower you! If you’re creative, you’ll probably see endless opportunities! This ebook download was written for the beginning marketer or business person with “step by step” instructions. I wanted it to be as easy to grasp as possible. Although, it’s made for beginners, I’ve found that it’s always beneficial for me to refresh my memory, and that there are often many little things that even the pro’s haven’t heard of or could use a refresher course on!
The fact of the matter is that there’s probably something in this ebook for everyone, and a lot of useful information that anyone can apply! The best part is, you could probably read this entire book in less than a day. It may take a little longer to understand and implement everything, but at least you’ll be started off on the right foot!
I kid you not, I’ve spent years joining membership programs, buying wholesale guides, reading books, joining marketing ebook groups, ordering programs, and more. It’s always such a relief to find a great, high quality, tutorial that is detailed and actually works!
I think it’s typical to find little “nuggets” of information from time to time. Generally speaking, I think it’s rare to stumble upon detailed and thorough marketing guides. It may be a little luck, and may have something to do with perseverance. Either way, in this short ebook, you get “a lot of bang for your buck!”
Very short, very powerful ebook.
A short powerful ebook!

This ebook is sold exclusively on! There’s no where else you can find it!

Please note that this is an ebook that comes as a downloadable file. It’s best viewed on a Personal Computer, Laptop, Tablet, or any other device with decent memory and storage capacity.  All you’ll need to view it is a browser such as Internet Explorer, Google, Google Chrome, Firefox, or several others.


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