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Marketing Secrets

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There are several things you can do to become a more successful marketer. In this blog I’m going to cover some relatively simple and free ways to generate more traffic. These are marketing secrets that others (including myself) have spent years figuring out, and plenty of money on over the years. I hope you find them useful!

Marketing Secrets

  • Content-By adding more pages to your Website, you have a better chance of obtaining free organic website traffic.
  • SEO-If you optimize your pages for search engines, you in theory should generate more free organic search traffic. You can do simple things like name your images search friendly terms, use header tags, use a good meta description, and search for terms that seem to be popular now. (I’ll explain this in more detail below.)
  • Research-Go find out what the newest standards are that google is currently using, research markets, study websites that are already ranked high for specific search terms and follow their lead. (don’t copy their work, just find out what’s working for them.)
  • If you’re using WordPress to build your Website, WordPress offers many free “plugin tools” for SEO that can drastically improve your search ranking. I’ve personally found that I want to use my particular keyword or search phrase between 8-10 times per page. Definitely not more, and if I have images or folders named after the specific keyword or phrase I take that into account. See YouTube tutorials on WordPress SEO Plugins.
  • Page size, image quality and size, proper use of h1, h2, and so on tags can really impact your search engine ranking. I strongly recommend doing some research in Google to find out more about their current policies.
  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation etc are all vital to your professional appearance.
  • There are free html validators that you can use to check your code. This is a good policy, because usually there are several things you can clean up. A good free html validator can be found here.
  • Check out free tools and resources. One good place to do that is
  • In order to study markets I use free tools. One way to study a potential market that I’m particularly fond of is to-

Marketing Secrets

  1. Type my search term into Google.
  2. Go study the top Websites. These are the Websites that aren’t paying for advertising, and also aren’t really popular such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. I’m competing with the little guy, so I want to research the Websites that are popular but not billion dollar behemoth websites.
  3. I use Keyword tools occasionally and I also go to When I find a Website that’s doing well for a particular search term, I copy the URL of that site, and then I go to Spyfu and paste the URL in their search bar. Spyfu then generates all kinds of analytical information that I can use to determine if this is a good market to try to optimize my website for. (It’s a great free tool.)
  • Use Social Media-I want my website to be connected to my facebook, twitter, and other Social Media accounts.
  • Backlinks-If I link to other websites with similar information, and they link back to me, the search engine may see my website as more relevant for certain words or phrases and take my site more seriously. This is also know as Networking.
  • Marketing Secrets-If my Website is Responsive that means it will show up nicely on a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or personal computer. Many WordPress themes come with this functionality. There’s no doubt that a search engine will take my page more seriously if it’s designed to be compatible and shows up nicely on many devices.
  • Check your links and make sure they’re all working correctly. Make sure the content on your page is relevant to your page title and description.
  • Use excellent headlines and images. Have you ever heard of click-bait. Click-bait is a headline or image (or a combination of both) that is enticing, controversial, entertaining, informational or irresistible. The viewer feels compelled either by curiosity, excitement, or any other number of human feelings and emotions to click on a link to find out more. I’m a sucker for click-bait myself, so I know it can work. Talk about powerful marketing secrets!

My Yahoo-Marketing Secrets

I just built a my yahoo page for free in about an hour. It allowed me to create my own unique news feed based on my interests, and provide quick links back to my website. You can do it too! Click here to visit MyYahoo.

  • Study Trends-It’s fascinating how easy it is to find out what people are interested in. For example, on Twitter there’s an actual list of topics that are currently trending. YouTube tells you how many times a video has been watched, and a search engine by default is usually designed to bring up the most relevant websites pertaining to what you’re searching for.
  • If you’re in a bad Market or selling something and not getting lots of traffic, one of my favorite marketing secrets is to add pages to my website that are popular or trending. In theory I could even build a Website specifically designed with popular topics in mind, and then use that site as an advertising platform.
  • Google alerts-This is a program that will send you information about products directly to your email address.
  • SEO Quake-Free developer SEO tool.
  • Google Search Engine-This isn’t even a tool, but I think it’s important to remind people that what google deems as important and relevant is vital. Many people underestimate the power of just knowing how to use it correctly. You can do plenty of research just by using your default search browser. One trick is to study the Websites that Google ranks high in the search engine.  Another trick is to use “specific”and valid search terms to get different results. Specific words and terms often bring up different results, which can be used if you’re looking for a niche market, or just a good place where you think you can compete. (based on your work or search phrase) Google can be used with keyword generating tools, and although it’s right under their nose, most people don’t understand the value of their search engine results. It may be the best free tool there is. Although it’s not known as a tool or useful for understanding any marketing secrets by most!
  • If you right click on a Website page, and scroll down to the option that says “view source” you can often see the code that was used to build a website. This can provide information on keywords, keyword phrases, meta tags, special characters and much more. It doesn’t always work because I believe many people encrypt their websites to hide their secrets. Please note that you should never copy someone else material.

There are many free tools and informational websites available. Here are a few I think you might find useful.

This is by no means a complete list. In fact it doesn’t even scratch the surface. Hopefully it should give you an idea of some of the tools that are available.  This list will most likely grow as time allows us to add to it. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Marketing secrets I’ve shared. I hope you can put these very specific Marketing secrets to good use.

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