WordPress Website

WordPress Website

Working with the wordpress editor.
Rob Mesler
Why a WordPress blog instead of a Website?

If you’re new to html, html5, css, responsive design, or just not that into learning all the code required to build a website, a WordPress Website may be just what you’re looking for.


WordPress Website

Before I even begin my blog today it’s important to distinguish what I’m personally using. I’ve chosen a WordPress Website “theme” or “layout” that is specific to my needs. I can work with this particular theme because it fits the type of website I plan on building.

There are a few things you must have to get started.

  • Hosting-You can purchase hosting for as low as $3 dollars a month depending on what you plan on doing. I pay $10 dollars a month for tons of hosting space, which allows me to work on multiple websites, and provides all of the space I currently need.
  • A Domain Name-Usually runs about $10-12 dollars for a full year. There’s a branding technique many people use when they choose a domain name. I suggest you research techniques in branding and SEO before choosing your particular domain name. For example, I wanted to teach people how to build websites, but also share news, videos, interests and more. It’s only fitting that my domain name should be relevant to the information I planned on sharing.

The alternative to this is choosing a domain name that is short and sweet, really memorable, or Search Engine friendly. (In other words if your website was going to be about food, you’d want a domain name that matched your website content.) Many people make the mistake of naming their Website something irrelevant. An example would be if I named this Website “robswebsite.com”. Unfortunately, nobody is looking for Rob’s website in Google, Yahoo, Bing or anywhere else, but they might be looking for news, entertainment, tutorials, etc. Therefore I chose my domain name according to what I think people might be looking for.

  • Either a Web Editor or a WordPress Blog Editor – My Web hosting through Yahoo Aabaco small business offered a free WordPress activation with my hosting. It was as simple as a couple of clicks to install it. I created a user name and password, found some copyright free images and started customizing my Website.  (To find copyright free images simply type copyright free (and whatever kind of images you’re looking for) into your search bar.)

Note: If you want to build a WordPress Website, it’s very important to make sure that the hosting company you choose offers the WordPress installation. Many do, but you’ll want to make sure prior to purchasing your hosting. This way you can rest assured that everything works out and is going to provide what you want.

I purchased my Hosting through Yahoo Aabaco Small Business Hosting. I had four Domain names registered and decided to go with their $10 a month advanced hosting program. What I’m particularly fond of, is that I was able to quickly and easily install the wordpress platform right through my hosting company. A couple of clicks was literally all it took.

I’ve heard that as many as 25% of Websites on the Internet are now WordPress Websites! There are multiple benefits to using their platform.


  • When you use their program to build your WordPress Websites, (because they’re so popular) there are literally tons of WordPress tutorials on Youtube. There are articles, blogs, videos, etc. The support is tremendous.
  • Free Layouts– There are so many layouts to choose from! They are also about as simple as choosing a Theme, and clicking a button to install it. It’s great for those of us who aren’t code experts!
  • Plugins-The Worpress program offers amazing plugins. Plugins are added features that you can install to do all sorts of unique things on your Website.

WordPress Websites are affordable, functional, and popular. I’ve seen hosting for as low as $3-$5 dollars a month. You’ll spend around $10-$12 dollars a year for your domain name, and probably a $3-$10 dollars a month for your hosting. I registered four Domain names, and I’m planning on building multiple Websites, so I went with Yahoo Aabaco’s $10 dollar a month advanced hosting program.

Click Here to view Yahoo’s Hosting plans.

The main reasons I recommend using the WordPress program, is because you don’t have to be a code expert, there are lots of themes to choose from, there are tons of free plugins. (Including one of my favorites, the Yoast SEO plugin, which helps you optimize your pages for search engines.) When I say “functional” I mean I’ve been able to install my theme, and it shows up great on a laptop, pad, mobile phone or personal computer. That means that my WordPress Website is responsive.

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