Nootropics, Brain Drugs, Energy Drugs, Supplements

Nootropics, Brain Drugs, Energy Drugs, Supplements

Lions Mane as a neuron fertilizer? Information about Brain and Energy supplements.

There’s a new trend in Brain and Energy supplements.  From Caffiene, to B Vitamins, Choline,
Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba to less well known supplements that are just coming to the forefront as our understanding and the science behind these new supplements and how they work increases, so does their popularity.  These drugs are most well known for improving memory and focus and increasing energy levels. They gained much of their notoriety from the movie “Limitless”.

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There’s much that is still unknown about the processes of the human body and particularly
brain, but there has probably never been another time in history in which medical technology,
supplementation, and health were changing so rapidly.

That’s why I personally want and need to know everything I possibly can that allows me to
take charge of my own health. I’m constantly looking for things that can give me an advantage. I’m still finding that, green live food is better than processed food, and that sugar is like a drug itself.  When I don’t take care of myself, I’m feeding disease and bad bugs.

With this new understanding comes hope and excitement. However, it’s still a struggle for me
to turn down energy drinks, cake, carbohydrates, fake breads and all of the things my sugar
addicted brain tells me “I need”.   Now I take more supplements than sugar foods. I’m still
far from perfect, but I’ve found the boost I needed.

Several years ago due to extreme burn out and fatigue, I decided that it was time for a
change.  I was accustomed to working 12-16 hour days, drinking way too much coffee,
taking over the counter pills that you buy at a gas station, and drinking energy drinks like

It wouldn’t have required a genius to figure out that this lifestyle was killing me.  I was
in deep debt, struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome, and couldn’t work enough overtime
to pay off my debt. Truth be told, I was living what felt like a daily struggle, Living day to
day felt more like trying to survive and make just enough keep my head above water.

I was honestly feeling hopeless.  That’s not an exageration. The abuse I inflicted on my own
body had really taken it’s toll.  Although, I’m still a glutton for punishment. (I love my sugar,
energy drinks, and haven’t come close to fixing my diet.) One thing that has changed is I
found a few supplements that keep me going.  I have to tell you, I feel like I found them
just in time.

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The Memory Booster Pack

Memory booster pack



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Ginkgo Biloba
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Brain pills, energy pills
Smart drugs, brain drugs, energy supplements

Korean Ginseng
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