Alternative News

Alternative News

It’s no secret that much of the internet is censored. It seems that you’re only supposed to get your information from Government sponsored media. (Which is often co-opted, not completely true, or plain propaganda.) Many main stream media sources seem to be in Business for ratings or entertainment. I think it’s important to get some alternative news view points. (I don’t have to agree with them all.)

Unfortunately, I no longer think it’s possible to trust the MSM.
(main stream media)

The best practice in times such as these, is to educate yourself in matters that affect both you and your family.

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Before its news
Tons of Alternative News stories and articles.
Leans towards the right. Conservative or Republican

Jeff Rense
Website with tons of alternative news and podcasts.

Jeff Rense YouTube Channel
Tons of Videos from Politics to the Environment
and much more. Lots of guests and topics.

The Health Ranger Mike Adams
Alternative Politics and Health Information
YouTube Channel-

Enenews-Nuclear and Environmental News with Alternative views.
Lots of alternative information about the Fukushima Nuclear disaster.
All kinds of topics and Conspiracy theories. Ken Adachi
Alternative medicine, conspiracy theories and much more!

Ron Paul Libertarian News for Liberty Paul Institute Paul

The Liberty Report Ron Paul YouTube Channel

Bill Deagle alternative medical information and more.
YouTube Videos
Nutrimedical Website

George Noory Coast to Coast AM

George Noory Coast to Coast am on Youtube
(Coast to Coast YouTube) Conspiracy, Alternative News, UFO’s etc

Dutchsinse Earthquake Channel on Youtube
Alternative news about Earthquakes from around the world.

The Corbett Report on YouTube
James Corbett Alternative News

Dane Wigington
Chemtrail Channel on YouTube

The Videos below are alternative news source Videos I found on YouTube. I can neither verify the information, or disprove it. These types of Videos are all over YouTube. I’ve simply added some that I personally found intriguing.

Alternative News

1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil.

Jim Stone – Was Fukushima an accident or a deliberate attack?

Can the Disaster at Fukushima wipe out most life as we know it?

Water Car Inventor Stanley Meyer on The New World Order.

Water Car

Alternative Medical Videos-Do Corporations and Pharmaceutical companies
deliberately hide medical information for the continuation of business and profits?

Can Cancer be killed? Dr. Royal Raymons Rife

Goat serum HIV Treatment?

Down Syndrome New treatment option.

We have more bacterial cells than human cells About 10 times as many! Is it possible that many diseases could be treated or cured by restoring the bacteria balance of the human gut? More importantly, why has it taken so long for them study the Microbiome? I would have thought it was pretty relevant when considering disease, illness, and health? Is it a Conspiracy to believe that there are financial interests involved in most aspects of our life?

How Fecal Transplant can save lives.

Why the Microbiome is the future of medicine.

Nutrition-Jordan Rubin and Dr. Axe
Gut Health